Uses & Features of Applicator Bottles

Uses & Features of Applicator Bottles

Hair color applicator bottles are designed to make hair coloring convenient, clean, and efficient. Quality applicators are precise, durable, and well-designed. There are many benefits and features of quality applicators. This guide sheds light on the key benefits of these hair styling accessories.

What are Applicator Bottles?

Applicator bottles or applicators are a device designed for hair color application. The applicator can roll around the hair. They are available in a wide range of material options. This includes plastic, ceramic, and metal. Besides, there are various style options to meet the needs of different types of hair. You may also select the bottle color based on your preferences.

Importance of Proper Hair Applicator Bottle

Without the right applicator bottle, the color can spread anywhere btu the roots. Besides, you cannot control the amount of color that leaks out. Applicators make it easier to mix up and create your own dye. Whether it is for your saloon or personal use, it is important to choose a quality applicator.

The ideal hair color applicators are the right size. They make it easier to determine the amount of dye that is added to the hair. They are made using flexible yet durable material. Proper flexibility is an important factor in ensuring the color is easily spread. Applicators are a must-have for those who dye hair frequently and are focused on root touch ups. The small but accurate tip makes it easy to color the roots.

Applications of Applicator Bottles

Applicator bottles with lids prevent dust contamination and leakage. Besides, the dark-colored body is usually designed to protect any light-sensitive formulation.

These bottles can be used to apply different types of hair products including:

  • Dye
  • Conditioner
  • Dispensing shampoo
  • Liquid soaps
  • Essential oils
  • Growth oil

When you use this bottle, it becomes possible to apply hair color with confidence. The precision tip is designed to section the hair while color is directly applied to the root. The measurements are clearly marked on the bottle. This further makes it easier to see the amount of color that is added. Once the job is complete, the formulation can be saved for reuse.

Main Features of Applicators

Some of the main features of quality applicators are as follows:

  • Squeezing: The squeeze feature makes these bottles perfect for use with hair coloring products, shampoos, body lotions, conditioners, tattoo inks, and more.
  • Multiple Applications: The perfect applicators are lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Durable: They are flexible yet durable. The right applicators are made of sturdy plastic and are safe for use.
  • Lid: The ideal applicator bottles are designed for twist opening and closing. The lid helps ensure that the products don't leak.

Using an applicator is simple and straightforward. The process involves adding the color product to the bottle and shaking it. It can be used to quickly apply color to the hair. These bottles are designed to move effortlessly around the hairline and ears. Once the coloring task is completed, it is recommended to wash the bottle for reuse.