Tips For Producing High-Quality Pellets Using Biomass Pellet Machine

Tips For Producing High-Quality Pellets Using Biomass Pellet Machine

In spite of the fact that operating a biomass pellet making machine does not require an excessive amount of specialized knowledge or skills, it is still easier to produce high-quality pellets with uniform size and a smooth surface if you have some pointers to follow. The following are some suggestions for producing pellets of superior quality.

Choose the Die with the Largest Aperture

If there are no specific requirements for the production of pellets, it is recommended that the die with the largest aperture be chosen. This is because a smaller aperture results in a lower yield and the material discharged from the die may also be discharged in an uneven manner. If the diameter of the pellets must be reduced, the raw material can be crushed into as small of particle size as is possible before the pellets are made. This will facilitate the material discharge process.

Change the Distance Separating the Roller from the Ring Die

The gap that exists between the roller and the ring die is typically between 0.1 and 0.3 millimeters, and an experienced operator can tell at a glance whether or not the gap is appropriate. When the gap is not large enough, there will be friction between the ring die and the roller. This will shorten the service life of both the ring die and the roller, and it will also result in an increase in the amount of power required. If the gap is too large, the raw materials' extrusion pressure will decrease, leading to a low yield and a low molding rate.

Utilizing the Conveyer for Easy and Stable Feeding

The biomass pellet machine can be brought to its optimal state by using uniform feeding. When feeding by hand, consistency can be challenging to achieve. If an excessive amount of material is fed into the machine, it will become clogged very quickly. However, if the amount of food being fed is less than expected, the equipment will remain idle, which will affect both production and the amount of power used. These issues can be resolved so long as a conveyer is incorporated into the design. Not only will this reduce the amount of manual labor required, but it will also make the biomass pellet machine run more smoothly.

Regular Maintenance of the Pellet Machine to Improve Its Service Life

Maintaining any piece of equipment is necessary, and doing so methodically can both extend the amount of time the piece of machinery can be used effectively and boost its output. In a normal situation, you should:

  1. Lubricate the equipment regularly.
  2. Clean the equipment on a regular basis.


If you want to produce high-quality pellets, you need to find a durable hardwood pellet mill. A biomass pellet machine is a piece of mechanical equipment designed to protect the environment and is used in producing biomass pellet fuel. The combustion of biomass pellet fuel is most commonly used as an alternative to coal combustion. Read more about pellet machines so you will end up buying the right tool.