How to Know a Car Window Regulator is Failing

How to Know a Car Window Regulator is Failing

A window regulator is a motor that helps to open and close the window of your vehicle. It is a crucial part of the car that should be checked regularly to ensure that it does not fail when you are driving. If you are ever wondering how long does it take to replace a window regulator, any of the following issues should alert you:

Clicking Noises

When a window regulator fails, it usually makes a clicking noise when you try to operate the window. This could mean that there are loose gears inside the unit. The noise is usually heard as soon as you press down on the button that operates the window. If this happens, then chances are that your regulator needs to be replaced.

Power Window Button Delays

If it takes more than one press of the power window button to get it to go up or down, this can also be an indication that something is wrong with your regulator. This problem should be addressed as soon as possible because it can lead to other issues with your vehicle's electrical system. This can also arise serious safety concerns if you have kids riding in the back seat who might get trapped inside if they lose access to their window controls.

Lower Window Regulator Speed

If you’re having trouble rolling your car windows up and down, it might be because there is something wrong with your car’s window regulator. A window regulator is responsible for moving the glass up and down in a car door, so if it isn’t working correctly, the glass won’t move smoothly or at all. When this happens, your window will become stuck half-way or completely out of its track. You may also notice that the speed at which your windows operate has slowed considerably.

Loose Windows

If your car has loose windows, then this is another sign that your window regulator is failing. Loose windows can happen because of several reasons, but the main reason is due to a faulty window regulator. The regulator will become loose over time, which means that it will need to be replaced before it gets worse.

Power Button Does Nothing

If you press the power button on your car's door panel and nothing happens, then this could mean that your window regulator needs replacing. The power button should work when you press it on most vehicles nowadays. So, if it doesn't work then there may be something wrong with your regulator’s wiring or with the car’s electrical system altogether.


Your car window regulator is a very vital part of your cars door assembly. However, like any important part of your car, it can fail and should be checked regularly to ensure that you never drive around with a faulty regulator. If you notice one of the signs listed above on your car then you may need to have your window regulator replaced. Always remember to ask a qualified mechanic what he thinks before taking matters into your own hands and attempt to fix it yourself.